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Zona Zàlata, 35 years of theatrical experimentation

The exchange between languages, the discipline in the physical work of the actor and improvisation have become essential ingredients in the already extensive career of the Tarragona theater company Zona Zàlata. This is a celebration, since it commemorates his 35 years of life with a room of extraordinary creations that have shaped an indisputable journey.

To immortalize the anniversary, one of the promoters and creators of the group, Joan Pascual, has published the book Zona Zàlata and, furthermore, this coming Saturday, at the Teatre Tarragona, the company will perform the related show Sang i Birra.

Zona Zàlata was born in Tarragona in 1986 as a reinvention of the last members of the Brau Teatre group, Joan Pascual and Marta Grau. They had begun at an international theater research seminar in Valencia in 1982, and their references came from the Grotowskian-rooted research laboratory theater and, more directly, from the third theatre, postulated by Eugenio Barba and Odin Teatret, with which some of them spend a season in Denmark.

From those origins, the group has developed a personal way of working and has articulated its creative processes through its own theatrical poetry in which improvisation and collective work, with creators linked to different languages, have been the formula used to develop your projects.

According to this theatrical poetry of the group, the preparation of the text, the characters, the scenic space, the music, the body movement, the costumes and the final dramaturgy, are configured from the concept of improvisation. In other words, the character is not predetermined, neither physically nor psychologically, it is built as the actor works. “Theatrical writing must be manipulated, in relation to the associations of ideas, to be configured into a whole capable of confronting the public”, confirms Joan Pascual himself, who has led the project since its inception in 1986.

The director defines the company’s work as “a theater of the senses halfway between action art, dance and visual art, where viscerality is superimposed on reason, in order to establish a dialogue with our essence. : life and death; the body is a path to the vital response of nothing.

The formation

The Zàlata Zone is made up of Joan Pascual, Marta Grau, Àlex Manríquez, Toni Martí, Enric Garriga, Josep Maria Antiller, Sergi Roig, Oriol Montesó, Ramon Civit, Laura Pascual and Sandra Pascual.

All the members of the group multiply their acting facet with other theatrical roles: directing, dramaturgy and scriptwriting, set design and props, lighting, costumes, masks, music, communication with the media and via the Internet, documentation and their own archive, as well as Workshop teachers. de Teatre or the Aula de Teatre, so Zàlata can function as a perfectly independent and fairly self-sufficient group. The ability to adapt and the versatility of its components have allowed it so far.

The celebration of the 35th anniversary in the extraordinary setting of the Teatre Tarragona will feature a special cabaret for the occasion, as the company calls this show, expressly designed. “We believe that it is a cabaret that brings together small pieces that define our journey throughout this time,” admits Joan Pascual.

The representation not only has talent for the theater, it adds other registers of vital importance such as music, poetry or dance. It has been titled Sang i Birra because “five years ago a colleague cut his bandage with a glass from a beer bottle, we remember it with sympathy, although it helps us to be a little more careful,” he explains.

The attentions of Zona Zàlata have also been involved with citizen projects such as the Theater Classroom and the Theater Workshop, above all with logistical support for their creations. This commitment means that we are facing one of the most crucial proposals in the city.

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