Xaus and Marín, the heads and tails of Calafell and Reus

Calafell and Reus Deportiu experienced different realities in a Copa del Rey in Lleida that culminated in the Barça victory. The Calafellenses fell on their feet against the hosts, while the Rojinegros completed a great tournament reaching the final and leaving Liceo and Lleida behind. Both competed with honor and above all they found reasons to be able to glimpse the start of the OK Liga playoff with hope. Some eliminatory for the title that will begin this next weekend.

Before the date in the quarterfinals of the OK Liga, both teams have learned two news of the utmost importance for their present and their immediate future. One positive and the other negative. In this case, the two teams have had to experience other different realities of sport, such as renewals and injuries.

Calafell announced this past weekend the renewal of Arnau Xaus for another season. We are not talking about another contract extension. Ferran López’s team has managed to retain a differential player. One of those pieces that work in the shadows and that provide the necessary balance in any ambitious team.

The Plà del Penedés player is completing a prodigious course in his third season in Calafell. He has already accumulated 30 goals and he has managed to be the second top scorer for his team in the OK Liga with 24 goals. He has never been a player who has been especially noted for his poison in final meters, but this year he has added this mordant to his game. He endorsed it in a Copa del Rey against Lleida in which he got a brace to allow him to dream of a comeback that Oriol Vives finally broke.

In an incipient project that is going through its maximum splendor, there has been no doubt that both actors should continue to be united hand in hand. Xaus probably represents that dreamy and rebellious spirit that defines Calafell. A player who, at 25 years old, is experiencing his best moment and that Joan Ortoll will continue to enjoy.

The Reus, without Marin

Worse news comes for a Reus that has already appeared in the Copa del Rey, as in the Golden Cup, without the presence of one of its stars and souls of the locker room. Raúl Marín has not been able to overcome his back problems and will be absent for the season, since he will have to undergo surgery again for an injury that already forced him to finish last year early.

The red and black team announced it before the start of the cup tournament. To put an end to the uncertainty, he also confirmed that he will not be present in the playoffs and will not return until next year. We speak of a traumatic loss because Reus loses character and goal in a scenario in which these virtues tend to tip the balance. They have been living with his absence for two months now and in the Copa del Rey they proved to be a competitive team despite the loss of their gunner.

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