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Working poverty | Tarragona Newspaper

Today, the first of May, Workers’ Day is celebrated all over the world, a date that, despite the fact that it is currently more festive than anything else – all you had to do was see how the roads were on Friday to enjoy the bridge –, was born with a strong vindictive character as a tribute to those Chicago unionists who fought for the eight-hour workday –“eight hours of work, eight hours of leisure and eight hours of rest”, was one of his maxims–. Much has happened since then, and there are also many demands of the workers that are still valid. Especially at a time when the economic crisis that resulted from the health and then the war have caused galloping inflation that has caused a significant decrease in the purchasing power of citizens, which has come to add to the enormous precariousness that they already suffered. many employees. In this sense, although there are plenty of reasons for claiming, one of the most pressing is that of working poverty, that problem that affects 351,000 workers in our prosperous Catalonia –according to the CCOO– and which represents one of the cruelest realities of our time and, at the same time, a not insignificant social risk. Because if a stable full-time job is no longer enough to afford a small luxury from time to time, but not enough to support a family and make ends meet, what do we have left?

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