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When waiting despairs | Tarragona Newspaper

Time is probably the most precious commodity we have. Perhaps that explains how badly we take this to wait. This is confirmed by a survey carried out by the e-commerce company AliExpress, which determines the “impatience by nature” of the Spanish and the importance of “immediacy” in our daily routines. The study says that the waiting time until the hot water comes out of the shower heads the list of actions that most despair citizens, followed by the moment in which it is time to plan vacations with co-workers and the scant minute it takes let the coffee be made in the morning. This desire not to waste a second explains why seven out of ten Spaniards confess that they have walked up the escalator to go faster, that more than half skip the introduction of the episodes of the series they watch and that 40 % have breakfast standing up to leave home early. Yes, time is money, but you also have to enjoy it, learn to live without so much stress. This is how one in three respondents understand it – 36% -, who is committed to leading a more relaxed pace of life. Because, as a teacher of mine used to say, sometimes wasting time is the best way to spend it.

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