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What if Calafell saves the merman?

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– What is CREAC) of Calafell.

Is a one of the most threatened species in the world and endemic to Montseny. Until 2005 it was believed to be extinct, but that year it was found again. Then began an intense attempt to recover the species from those currently there should be no more than 2,000 copies that are only found in Montseny and in a few streams in the natural park.

In extreme danger of extinction, it is on the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and It is the most endangered amphibian in Western Europe.. Calafell will try his recovery.

The Center for Research and Environmental Education (CREAC) of the town will receive larvae of the species with the aim that they can even hatch to reintroduce the specimens into their natural ecosystem.

The Montseny newt is in serious danger of extinction.

The Montseny newt does not live in groups and only joins with its own species to reproduce. The scarcity of specimens, human pressure and pollution are its main threat.

The animal needs cold, clean and highly oxygenated freshwater. In the CREAC of Calafell these conditions will be reproduced to help the larvae that can take up to four years to become a newt.

The recovery of the species is one of the main scientific challenges of the Calafell Environmental Research and Education Centerwhich works on this project in collaboration with other institutions such as the Torreferrusa recovery center.

In 2005 it was listed as endemic and unique species in the world. In 1979 they met for the first time. A study determined that the Montseny specimens there were not Pyrenean newts but of a different species.

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