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What documentation should you carry in your vehicle?

There are three documents that you must carry, and be in force, compulsorily when you drive, for all types of journeys:

Driving license of the driver.

Vehicle registration certificate.

Vehicle Technical Inspection Card (ITV).

Carry these 3 documents, original or certified, whenever you drive, as it will be the first thing an agent asks you for if you are stopped or involved in an incident. Remember that since 2008 it is not compulsory to carry the insurance policy or the receipt of the last payment in the car.

These documents are equally required for rental vehicles. Before starting to circulate with a rented vehicle, check that the vehicle includes the mandatory documentation.

MiDGT mobile application

Remember that within the miDGT mobile application you have your driving license and the circulation permit for your vehicle available, with the same legal validity as the physical documents to drive within our territory.

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