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“We hope to have the cameras in the neighborhood to prevent incivility in Reus”

The city’s Video Surveillance Plan is still in progress, although the City Council is waiting to be able to put out to tender the contract for the supply and installation of the cameras of what would be the fourth phase and whose pending locations are the Plaza de la Culture of Pau, Patacada, Baluard and Anton Borrell. There are also other independent facilities to this plan.

The councilor for Security of the City Council, Dolors Vázquez, hoped that the procedures would be streamlined -as reported to the Diari last November- at the beginning of 2022, but as this medium has learned, the City Council has prioritized all tenders linked to the Next Generation, with very marked deadlines. The forecast of its advance has not yet transpired.

From said council they also said that they did not rule out placing more cameras in other areas of Reus; In addition, there are other city projects in which the installation of cameras is contemplated, as would be the case of the project of the Plaza del Víctor, that of the suburb of Santa Anna –in which installations are planned in the streets of Mar and Sant Llorenç– and the future Skatepark, among other points.

The purpose is not to fill the city with cameras, but to find out what the needs of the neighborhoods are; That is the idea of ​​the council. Mayor Vázquez explains in this case that “we are advancing in the video surveillance plan because the recording system using cameras on public roads and in municipal facilities is an added value and a complement to the proximity patrol service.”

The Video Surveillance Plan was presented in 2017 in order to increase the sense of security of the residents of the neighborhoods and to avoid uncivil and criminal acts. The first installation was carried out in Mas Abelló and the plan has been unfolding in different phases and throughout the city. Years later, even in 2020, the Guàrdia Urbana acquired a drone for aerial video surveillance; It was also considered to have an autonomous mobile roaming surveillance unit, although it is not yet operational.

The balances that have been made so far by the different neighborhoods in which cameras have been installed, on the other hand, alluded above all to being able to have more in the future and give them a particularly preventive use. In this sense, and according to the mayor of the city, Carles Pellicer, “citizens ask us for security, but above all, that we confront incivility; and video surveillance cameras provide security, make things more difficult for uncivic people and contribute to maintaining coexistence».

Coordination and communication

The president of the Associació de Veïns Reus Nord, Josep Ramon Ferré, values ​​the issue of video surveillance that “cameras are always a dissuasive tool and although we still do not know the exact date of their installation, it is something that we welcome, we Interested that they finally arrive. We hope to have the cameras in the neighborhood to prevent incivility.”

What they have seen “most effective” in the neighborhood is “being in contact with the Guàrdia Urbana”, he says: “It is usually by phone and they are there for whatever we need, it is very effective and, at the slightest incidence, we contact them”. In the territorial extension occupied by the AV Reus Nord area, cameras are planned to be installed in Plaça del Víctor and Plaça de Anton Borrell, in Parc de Sant Jordi. The neighborhood spokesman adds that incivility “is always present, it exists in the Reus Nord area, but also in the rest of the city,” he points out.

He describes the bottle as an activity subject to “fads”, with which the youngest save having to go to nightlife venues and spend money, but “by notifying the body, they leave quickly and stop bothering”. He also makes it known that many neighbors “alert the entity of the problems, but do not end up denouncing them,” he objects. He points out the local police stations as places where he can manage it and “very useful”.

There are hot spots in the area where “coexistence problems usually occur.” Ferré adds that “everything remains the same.” «With the coexistence problems that there have been, for example, in the Plaza del Víctor, we act with perseverance. We notify the Guàrdia Urbana and, at most, they ask for names, but in the end they exert pressure and the people who have caused some inconvenience get tired and leave.

Coordination and communication between neighbors is what stands out, for his part, the president of the Association of Veïns l’Harmonia del Carme, Josep Machado, to combat incivility. “We have seen that since cameras were placed on Calle del Vent, for example, the situation has improved. We are in contact with the Guàrdia Urbana and we believe that the cameras that are about to be installed, the one in Plaza de La Patacada for example, will be another good complement. It brings tranquility to the neighborhood and that is being noticed, ”completes the neighborhood representative.

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