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“We have open negotiations to be able to undo the motion of censure”

The co-mayors of Altafulla Alba Muntadas and Jordi Molinera face the greatest challenge of their first term in government: prevent Tuesday’s motion of censure from succeeding. They consider that there are possibilities of remaining in charge of the City Council and they work on it until the last minute.

Do you work with the same normality a few days after the motion of censure?
We are working as if there were no plenary session. There are a series of tasks that are scheduled and we continue to carry out day to day because we hope to continue in government after Tuesday.

Are they hopeful?
A series of political negotiations are open in order to undo this motion of censure based on lies.

Why is it a lie?
Because the foundations on which it is based we are certain that on Tuesday they will no longer exist.

Explain yourselves.
The beach is an example. In these days it has recovered thickness and width. And this beach that emerges again is an example of what we have always said, that the sand regulates itself and that this year it has cost more due to the continuous storms. It is ruinous that a meteorological phenomenon has served as an excuse to sign the motion of censure.

There are other criticisms of his government, such as the opening of Casal La Violeta.
We opened it yesterday Friday as planned. Another disassembled argument of this motion of the lie.

The signatories are politically very different. Perhaps this is a factor in their favor?
We see possibilities in dismantling the motion of censure. It is clear that Alternativa Altafulla and Junts per Altafulla are voracious for the desire for government that they did not achieve in 2019 and it will not make them change their minds, but in other signatories we do see options to reach agreements.

It is ruinous that a meteorological phenomenon has served as an excuse to sign the motion of censure

It seems difficult with the route plan that they presented.
Can you tell me about the seven points? Well, all of them have lost validity in these days since April 25. Let us argue it.

Go ahead.
In the case of the beach, it can already be verified in situ that it recovers its natural space and Costas del Estado has always said that the contribution of more sand will be done once the storms have dissipated. Regarding Casal La Violeta they cannot argue anything either. Of the uses for the Esplai de la Gent Gran, we are working on it with the entity itself. It is a public space and as such it must function. The partners of Esplai have the proposal on the table and we await their response. Regarding the use plan for the Martín Royo square, it has already been drafted and will be completed before the summer. And the lighting of Brises del Mar is budgeted for this year. Finally, the Center de Dia currently has the two basic documents (economic feasibility and architectural feasibility) before it can be carried out. And in June the drafting of the project will be tendered.

I see that the answer to the signatories is clear.
What these signatories of the motion will end up doing is hiding behind a series of lies and defending projects that this team has already carried out in these almost three years. They want to take advantage of the work that has been done and try to put on some medals that do not belong to them.

Alternativa Altafulla and Junts per Altafulla are voracious for the desire for government that they did not achieve in 2019 and we will not make them change

The motion could have been presented in August, when they were in the minority. Why do you think they have waited?
Perhaps because they had no arguments to carry it out. And one year before the elections they have clung to the lowest level excuse. If they carry out a motion of censure now, it is because they have some fear that a solid government in the first two years of the legislature, and in a minority since August 2021, has been able to manage the municipality.

Take note.
We have not done a municipal management of 9 or 10, but we believe that it has been and continues to be a good job.

With this score, why were they in the minority?
I don’t think it’s just what one of the parties has done. We admit that perhaps in this tripartite, we had more drive, but always thinking as a team and forgetting the initials. This thought was not held by any of the partners and marked distances in what each other did. Perhaps the electoral rush in the PSC and ARA Altafulla entered too soon to abandon the tripartite government.

But have relations since then been different with PSC and ARA Altafulla?
The relationship with the PSC, despite leaving the government, has been cordial and has supported, for example, the budgets or other strategic actions: housing plan, waste… I think we have had a left hand to negotiate when we have remained in the minority and perhaps we did not know how to use it as well when they were part of the government.

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