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Videomapping to nature to promote art and tourism in Ribera d’Ebre

Ribera d’Ebre became one of the referents to Catalonia in the art of videomapping and became a tourist claim during the spring. Amb aquest objectiu starts today the second edition of the Ebre Lumen Festival, which ends on June 3 will bring to dotze municipalities of the region different audiovisual and mapping proposals to nature and in places linked to the Ebre River.

The mapping technique consists of projecting images with music on real surfaces, generally inanimate. The use of videomapping as a tourist claim has been força utilitzat, especially in buildings. The singularity of Ebre Lumen collected in the fet that the projections are fan on the natural heritage and fluvial architecture, according to the organizers stand out.

«It is the result of a joint effort promoted by the Ribera d’Ebre Regional Council, but with the involvement of other administrations and which is proposed as an innovative cultural activity, which will boost tourism in the region once the Holy Week is over i fins a l’estiu”, affirms the president of the Consell, Gemma Carim. The goal of delusion, without restrictions linked to the pandemic, is to exceed the 1,500 spectators that any one will pass through the festival.

In this second edition, two videomappings will be projected per week (one in divendres and the other in dissabte), always at 10 p.m. Yes, they will be able to see works by creative visual professionals from Catalonia, the State and also from countries such as Brazil, Colombia or Italy. The festival includes the artistic direction of Ricardo Cançado and the participation of authors such as Rafael Cançado, Bruno Lima, Chema Siscar, Marcello Nardone, Daniel Morales, Vini Fabretti and Vinicius Luz.

Arrenca aquest divendres 22 d’April, with the inauguration of the Consell Comarcal. Dissabte 23 will be the tornado of the area of ​​l’Arenal de Miravet. Divendres 29 d’April, the mapping proposal will reach the boatman from the Ebre River to Vinebre, while the 30th dissabte will be at the Pont de Tartacó in the Serra d’Almos. The festival arrives in Riba-roja d’Ebre on May 6, with an artistic proposal to the Mirador de la Pena area, while on May 7 it will be the Flix tour, at Passeig de l’Ebre. In Móra la Nova, the activity will take place at the Embarcador del riu (May 13), and on the 14th it will be at the Saurí village in Móra d’Ebre.

The second cap of the week on May 20 and 21, the festival will take place at the Rocam on Carrer Collet de Tivissa and the Center d’Atenció Els Masos de la Torre de l’Espanyol, respectively.

Per últim hi haurà projections to Ascó, to l’aparcament d’autocaravanes on May 28; i el pas de barca de Garcia, on June 3.

«The any passat, the capacity limitations and the compliment of the regional confinement will condition the celebration of the first edition of the festival. A good part of the potential public is going to be without being able to see the projections and per això enguany repeat the materials videomappings and the materials locations”, explains Carim. As a novelty, in the 2022 edition it is planned that from 9:00 p.m. on, the town councils will install an area proper to the projection space, with fast food, ambient music and the sale of Km0 products, among other proposals.

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