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VIDEO: Supermarket carts, fences, cones… vandalism damages the Calafell stream

It is a natural tongue of water that flows into the sea. Of great natural value and for which there are environmental recovery projects, the Calafell stream it is however a place where vandals complete their senseless deeds.

A few days ago a cleaning of the riverbed was carried out to remove all kinds of waste. Supermarket carts, fences, construction cones, iron and plastic have appeared in that tongue of water.

Beyond vandalism, the situation is worrying about the impact on the environment since this ecosystem is of great environmental importance. Typical riverside plant species can be found here and there are many birds that settle in the area.

For years, a recovery of the entire area between the Calafell Aventura park next to the train station and the mouth of the beach has been proposed. The intervention would allow to have a river walk in a natural environment but that is threatened by vandalism.

The City Council indicates that with the security cameras that have begun to be deployed throughout the area those who throw garbage into that ecosystem could be identified

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