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Víctor Neila: “I’m going back to a historic club”

CB Valls officially presented who will be its new coach next season. Víctor Neila was confirmed in what was already an open secret. The coach from Tarragona comes from the TGN Bàsquet women’s first team with which he achieved promotion and two stays in the Catalunya Cup in the last three years he has managed it.

Neila is a history of Tarragona basketball with more than 20 years of experience on the bench in which he has directed teams such as ADT, CB Valls himself and the CBT ‘B’ senior.

Therefore, his career is wrapped up more in men’s basketball than in women’s, although in the latter he has offered solid arguments in recent years. After all, she summed it up perfectly: “It’s basketball the same.”

However, the Ballart is not an unknown scenario for him. He perfectly knows the demands of a historic club like Vallense. He directed it in the First Catalan Division for two seasons in the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 courses 18 years ago.

exciting project

“It is an exciting project. I am returning to a historic club that has given me the opportunity to lead the project and I am very grateful”, were the first words of the man from Tarragona in his presentation.

His arrival was forged in recent weeks, although before the call from Valls he already knew that his time at TGN Bàsquet had ended: «My stage was over and I told the club so. Then, luckily, the opportunity came to train CB Valls, since I feel eager and strong to continue training».

With the illusion as flag, this is how he lands, but above all aware that he is in an ecosystem that is going to offer him all the wickers for his growth: «I want to have an ambitious staff and give continuity to the project, since the base is already done with players from the house who are referents ».

Arriving at a club that has completed three good years in the Pozo stage does not mean extra pressure, since the coach believes “there is room for maneuver. We have to go one step further.”

Asked about what basketball he intends to offer to Ballart, Neila is clear: “I want a team that plays dynamic, aggressive basketball and runs a lot. I want him to hook Ballart and for the fans to identify with him.”

Víctor Neila’s project at CB Valls has already started. Now they are weeks of incessant work for the preparation of a template destined to be at the top of the EBA.

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