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Valls will have a health circuit

The design and the inn in Marxa of a health circuit in Valls is the guanyador project of the edition of the enguany of the participatory assumptions, after which there is faith in the recompte of the results. The other guanyadora initiative was the millionaire of the enllumenat in the district of les Comarques i Fornàs. Pel that goes to the historical center, stands out to enable habitatges to allocate them to social logue.

Enguany, the number of people who had the right to vote –if they had to be over 16 years old and have a minimum of four months registered in the city on the first day of voting– was 21,046, of which 1,165 were which represents a percentage of 5.53 per cent, announced there Jordi Cartanyà, councilor for Community Action, Participation and Equality. “It is the time that hi has had more participation”, he assenyalava, at the time that he remembered that in 2019 there was a stat of 4.45 per cent. 28 per cent of the valleys have cast their vote electronically – 85 per cent on the web and 15% through the APP – and the remaining 72 per cent, in person. The councilor will underline the high turnout that has affected these votes.

Participating budgets foresee an item of 250,000 euros, of which 62,500 were exclusively for the historical center. In this apartat will guanyar l’habilitació d’habitatges per lloguer social amb 435 votes. A project with an estimated budget of 62,500 euros. Cartanyà points out that, at the moment, the name of the habitats, which is may be, is unknown, «now the process has started», he will comment. In second lloc, sense game ja, it is left to install security cameras, both 298 votes.

general apartment

To the general apartment –amb an item of 187,500 euros– the health circuit will win amb 145 votes, which was proposal 26. Amb a budget of 7,000 euros, it is contemplated to incorporate a new route to the itineraris of healthy roads, specifically , the nou circuit de salut will join the Parc del Mas Miquel fins to the area of ​​the skate park al Fornàs.

In second place, the majority of the public enllumenat was left to two bars –proposal 36–, both 128 votes. I foresee the renovation of the street lighting in Alt Camp and Vall d’Aran in the Comarques neighborhood, along with the modernization of the street lighting in Francesc Gumà i Ferran street in the Fornàs neighborhood.

In the third place, it was for the installation of automatic lighting at passos de vianants (126 votes), followed by a ramp to improve the mobility of the Xamora neighborhood (121), the paving of the Camí del Bosc (110 ) and the creation of safe school itineraries to join the col·legis (108 votes).

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