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Ukrainian registrations skyrocket

A total of 21,217 Ukrainian citizens registered in Spain last March, coinciding with the war in their country and the massive reception of refugees, compared to only 435 a month earlier, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) .

Most of the newly registered are women and children due to the ban on leaving the country for men of legal age decreed by the Government of Ukraine. Specifically, in March, 14,888 women and 6,329 men, mostly children and adolescents under 19 years of age, registered on the register.

During the month of March, the number of citizens of Ukrainian nationality with valid documentation has increased by 28,667, reaching the figure of 124,486 residence permits, according to data from the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration. In February this number increased by 191 people.

The provinces where the most registrations of Ukrainians have been registered in this month of March are Barcelona, ​​with 2,798 registrations, Alicante, which accounted for 2,678, and the Community of Madrid, which computed 2,460; The provinces of Girona (2,104), Valencia (1,960) and Malaga (1,245) follow in the greatest number of Ukrainians.

The INE has incorporated into its database a new section on the situation of Ukrainians in Spain, which will update monthly registration data, affiliation to Social Security or residence documentation provided by the different bodies of the General Administration of the State .

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