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Two companies in Tarragona, denounced for offering private security without a license

Agents from the Mossos d’Esquadra of the Regional Administrative Police Unit (URPA) of the Camp de Tarragona Police Region (RPCT) filed an administrative complaint on April 20 and 25 against two companies from Tarragonès, one from Tarragona and the other from Roda de Berà, for intrusiveness in matters of private security.

On April 20, the Mossos d’Esquadra learned that there was a company in Roda de Berà without activity authorization in the field of private surveillance that had a worker doing surveillance tasks in a Tarragonès marina.

Given these events, the agents went to the facilities where they identified a man who was driving a vehicle and everything indicated that he was the security guard.

According to what he told them, the Mossos corroborated that the man was carrying out the tasks of a security guard.

For this fact, the Mossos administratively denounced their manager.

The second case took place on April 25 when investigators detected another Tarragona company that also advertised private security services without authorization.

Once all the information had been compiled, the agents verified that it effectively provided its services through a web page and offered different private security services to companies and individuals.

For all this, the agents opened police proceedings and verified that the company did not have any activity license for which they denounced its manager.

The advertising of private security services without being authorized and the provision of private security services without a license are serious and very serious offenses, respectively, according to Law 5/2014 on Private Security. This law imposes fines of up to 30,000 euros for serious sanctions and up to 600,000 euros for very serious ones.

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