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“The Mostra de Teatre Jove is the spark that ignites the theatrical flame of future generations”. With these words, Joan Rioné, director of the play Patates al forn, with which the URV Theater Classroom raised the curtain last week on the 29th edition of the Mostra de Teatre Jove de Tarragona, sums up the essence of The programing. An event that until June 15 will become a real pool of actors and actresses. Thus, faithful to its modus operandi, the URV Theater Classroom presented an experimental theater proposal, “with more than a dozen amateur actors and actresses, including students, computer, administrative and teaching staff, giving rise to an intergenerational phenomenon unique”, affirms Joan Rioné”.

Today is the turn of the show sleepers of fameof the Lestonnac College, for whom “it is our first time in the musical genre, since we had always opted for comedy”, comments Sergi Martínez, coordinator of the group. Thus, more than twenty actors and actresses participate in this adaptation of the musical Fama, whose effort will be reflected “in the technical and sound field of the production, in addition to the stage in which it will be the first opportunity to get on stage for many of the performers.”

This week, the company will enjoy this opportunity (H)istrionis Teatre with La peixera, under the direction of Laia Font and Jorge Pérez. He himself points out that “although we are comedy animals, this year we will present a drama, which deals with the misfortune of five computer scientists to whom the company announces that they will be fired” and adds that “the labor situation that the country is going through and the precariousness are a opportunity to question the conditions in which people work today”. For the company, the Mostra de Teatre Jove is “an event in which we join forces with other theater companies”.

Programming will continue hand in hand with Meraki Theater and the tragicomedy If això fos a musical, which takes place in the festival of San Juan and in which the mistakes of the past will haunt the protagonists. For its part, the company Snop of the Pons d’Icart Institute will premiere Voltorok Cabaret, a self-created comedy in which the public will witness endless nonsense with a corpse included. “Improvisations, choreographies and music are part of the work in which fifteen young people participate, for whom performing at the Mostra de Teatre Jove is a motivation throughout the course,” says Professor Juan Carlos Elijas.

Along the same lines, the company Velum will present The call. The producer Francesc Pallarès details that “we will present a revealing adaptation, made by two of the students, of the original text by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrosi, starring four women and one man”, while at the same time assuring that “the Mostra de Teatre is the perfect excuse to show off, from doors out, the final project, that is, a window so that more people can enjoy the theater”.

In June, the first play to premiere will be Antigone of the company View of Vanadi. The director, Eloi Isern, affirms that “through this version of Salvador Espriu we have worked on historical memory with the students, for whom coming together with established and newly created theater groups forms part of the positive mechanism that keeps the breeding ground alive theater in the city.

The Vis de Vanadi company will premiere the play ‘Antígona’. PHOTO: Angel Ullate

After this drama, it will be the turn of the self-created musical comedy Your packagefrom Nebula Theater. “The composer Jordi Vendrell ‘George Five’ and I are the authors of the songs”, highlights the director of the company and scriptwriter of the work, Raquel Rodríguez, who assures that “we are in constant research, we like challenges and challenge ourselves ourselves”, while highlighting “a staging that conveys the difference between the representation of emotions and what the actors do on stage”.

Thus, the point of social criticism falls this year on the sideboardof the company Tornavis Theaterwhich deals with mental health. “We have focused on those who do not have a clear diagnosis, but who suffer the consequences of a mental health disorder, so the work is a dystopian future that deals with humorous situations that can happen around us in a common way, such as depressions, states of anxiety, etc.”, details Júlia Abelló, a member of the company that will take the stage under the direction of Oriol Grau.

In the final stretch of the Mostra de Teatre Jove the protagonists will be Lazarus of the company Leamuk which will close the program with an adaptation of the classic El Lazarillo de Tormes told from a hip hop aesthetic, sometimes becoming the engine of the stage game. Before, the invited company Scottish will present the drama stars. “It deals with war, but not in a conventional way, that is, it proposes to talk about the ravages of war from a theatrical point of view, a subject that unfortunately is never forgotten and for which there is always some close reference, such as the war in Ukraine : of everything that a war takes ahead, from the life of the soldiers who enlist out of obligation, from the mothers who see how their children leave home to fight, etc.”, explains the director Tàtels Pérez, who highlights the magnitude of the theater, insofar as “it gets people with the same concerns to coincide on the same stage”.

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