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Tribute to Tarragona | Tarragona Newspaper

Do you know why the artist is going to sculpt in the hero of the sculptural ensemble conegut with “Els despullats”? Do you know who the sculpture on a pedestal in Plaça dels Carros represents? Do you know why Roger de Llúria looks at the Rambla and not at the Mediterrani as he would correspond to a glorious seaside home? Do you know what relationship there is between Sant Magí and the name of the river Gaià? Do you know that in a municipal election it is going to present to Tarragona a partit les sigles which were PACO? Do you know who was the young intellectual from Tarragona who at the time of Emperor August was going to cause Jesus to nasqués to Betlem? Do you know that a church in Tarragona has two sizes of mestre Jujol, Gaudí’s collaborator and deixeble? The answer to these and other questions was published in the book 30 contes de Tarragona (Arola editors) by Antoni Coll Gilabert. Various people with knowledge provide the stories: Josep Maria Sabaté, Sánchez Real, Andreu Muñoz, Francisco Valiente, Tòful Conesa, Raül Font, Josep Maria Buqueras, Enric Pujol and Josep Maria Andreu and many others, always in racons de Tarragona. Olga Xirinacs has said of the book that “demonstrates a total balance between cleverness, sensitivity and sense of humor”.

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