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Tortosa undertook the reform of Carrer Barcelona

The City Council of Tortosa undertakes the reform of all Carrer Barcelona, ​​which also includes actions to improve the channeling of the flood and avoid recurrent flooding, especially in Plaça de la Unió. An extraordinary ple this matí brings to vote a budgetary modification of 830,000 euros, necessary to be able to start the bidding for the works, which comprise both Next Generation funds.

The action involves the reconversion of the current road, both stretches and volumes of traffic, into a street with the only entrance to the center of Tortosa, which will incorporate new arbrat, affect areas with vegetation, install urban furniture and There will be a new bike lane tram from Plaça Àngel Acosta to connect both the Institut Cristòfol Despuig and the Escola de Sant Llàtzer.

Així, the parallel avenue of Canigó will become the backbone of the neighborhood of Sant Llàtzer, both transit in the two sentits of the marxa. In addition, the action included the opening of a direct access from Carrer Perelló cap to the roundabout of Plaça de la Unió and Pont de Tirant lo Blanc, to facilitate mobility.

The action includes two different areas: between Plaça d’Àngel Acosta and Carrer de Puigcerdà, Carrer Barcelona will be located at a level sun. Això will facilitate the expansion of the areas of passage for pedestrians and will resolve the difficulties of accessibility that there are in some points for people with reduced mobility, according to the municipal government.

Between Carrer de Puigcerdà and Plaça de la Unió, the two levels of the road will be maintained, due to the characteristics of the tram that leads to the collection of rainwater. In this sense, the project included an important action to increase the channeling capacity of the flood, which in intense episodes causes flooding in the area. It is planned to incorporate two new canalizations, d’1.2 meters in diameter, which will act as regulating reservoirs of the water flows and which will allow the engulfment of 500,000 litres.

“Besides this action, the techniques in assenyalen that the flooding of the area will be definitively resolved, since it would have the ability to channel rainfall with which we have in the last temps”, explains the mayor, Meritxell Roigé, who last week pastada will present the project to the veïnat de Sant Llàtzer amb a bona acollida.

The action is affected by what is going to be between 2014 and 2016 in the area, mitigating which is going to increase the absorption capacity of the feather.

Now, the City Council of Tortosa plans to start the tender for the works, with a total cost of 1,080,000 euros. The first step is the approval by part of the ple of a budget modification of 830,000 euros. «It is a necessary endowment to start the process, and it means that the 1.5 million euros from the Next Generation European Funds are lost, which finance part of this action within the program for the implementation of zones of low emissions”, explains Roigé.

In addition, the City Council has presented another project, developed by the Aigües de Tortosa company, to the Next Generation European Funds program for the reduction of flood risks in urban environments. This new project, with a cost of 1.5 million euros, would also act in different areas of the Sant Llàtzer neighborhood to channel the plugs mitigating the transformation of spaces into areas with more vegetation and more permeability, which would allow absorb more episodes of feathers in this area of ​​the city.

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