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Tortosa treballa in the seu Pla Local d’Habitatge

The City Council of Tortosa is working on its Local Housing Plan with the aim of making a diagnosis of the housing situation in the city to define the actions to be carried out with the will that all of them have a housing Digne in affordable conditions.

Now we are not carrying out a census and locating the owners of the abandoned habitats. The plan is carried out both by the successes dictated by the Local Plan of Community Action, for which things are participatory and inclusive and there are meetings between the lectius, the legis professionals and social agents. Together with the plan, the Councilor for Urbanism and Habitatge of Tortosa will continue to promote the Local Office of Habitatge so that a vital active agent follows in any process and an intermediary between the citizens and encourage private property to rehabilitate habitats, all Aprofitant unes línies d’ajudes dels fons europeus Next Generation.

“We have to work hard to guarantee the right of access for all people to a decent habitat, especially the young and the most vulnerable people”, values ​​the councilor for Urbanism, Heritage, Habitatge and Culture of the Tortosa City Council , Enric Roig. «The Local Housing Plan is one of the most important and satisfies people who can initiate it, to donate to the needs that the city has to promote the Local Housing Office and the Next Generation». Per fer-ho l’Ajuntament està treballant amb Social House, a non-profit association that collaborates with amb ajuntaments to advance in terms of social housing.

A participatory and inclusive process

This November, the Tortosa Parliament will approve the Local Plan for Inclusive Community Action (PLACI), a framework agreement that establishes the criteria that must govern the sectoral policies drawn up by the City Council. The elaboration of the plan is based on the work that, for more than 10 years, the consistory is involved in the Procés Comunitari. The Pla d’Habitatge s’està realitzant sota aquests criteris i por això ja s’has held multiple meetings with col·legis professionals, col·lectius, Càritas or Creu Roja, to escort the demands and different situations.

Així, now there is a diagnosis of the city, along with the demographic and economic structure. «We do not have to forget that Tortosa is very singular. Tortosa som sis nuclis de població. Només Jesús ha tea 3,000 inhabitants », specifies the alderman.

The period of analysis and diagnosis will extend to the end of each year. «But in the summer we will have data and we will be able to begin to specify actions. From now on, in a period of 4 to 6 years, we have to define the strategies to follow so that everyone has the right to have a decent and affordable habitat”, explains Roig.

The floor must also serve to encourage the market to be placed on those flats that can be reached. Amb the pandemic, some Tortosins have left the piss of the city to move to “the mountain” or the country house. The young people are one of the col·lectius that have the most difficulties in trying to find habitat in the city. A quick close-up of the warehouses and flats for sale confirms that Tortosa really has very little of the estate of the estate (at a high price), and the estates that are for sale are in very bad condition. “Hi, it has been a while since we arrived in the city, and together with the rehabilitation aids, we have encouraged the owners to arrive,” expresses Roig.

The old nuclei

The situation of Tortosa is evident: it is full of old cases and the recovery of its great nucli antic tea in l’habitatge la seua assignatura pendent. In the last decade, a large number of roads and spaces have been recovered from public roads and public facilities have been located, but now it is pending that the private initiative also clearly bets on the old part of the city and that Els veïns de Tortosa can assess the option d’anar-hi a viure. For the councilor, it is essential that the private sector begins to assume-hi responsabilitats.

Posting an order and registering the status of the cases is vital, but locating the owners of abandoned and abandoned homes is not usually easy. Beyond the family cases, the descendents of whom do not live in the city, most of the inhabitants are in the hands of great owners. «It will be at the moment of speculation. Hi ha situations molt complexes », maintained the alderman.

Per tot plegat, les ajudes to the rehabilitation have to be an licent per als proprietaris. In a few weeks, Social Rights opened the call for the Next Generation EU funds intended for the rehabilitation of buildings and habitats and recently one for neighborhoods. Owners can contact the Local Housing Office and get information.

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