Tortosa opens a new term to join the building rehabilitation aids

The end of September 30th is the opening period for such that the communities of owners of buildings located at the old core of Tortosa can join the aid for the promotion of rehabilitation. The subsidies will encourage actions in common elements such as the development of façanes, the improvement of the cover, the adequacy of common facilities (water, gas, electricity, sanitation,…) and the accessibility to the ‘immobile.

In total, the City Council allocates an item of 75,000 euros from the municipal budget, which will finance 50% of the planned work, as well as a maximum amount for each type of action. The sol·licitudes made can be associated with one or various types of rehabilitation.

The deputy mayor and councilor for Urbanism and Habitatge, Enric Roig, has sponsored the communities of owners because they keep their buildings up to date: “From the City Council we maintain them as an incentive so that we can promote Rehabilitation, and encourage people to stay. Rehabilitation is basic to maintain a good image of the city and it is the responsibility of the different owners to keep the habitats in adequate conditions”, Roig pointed out.

Thanks to the previous call for grants, to 2021, it is possible to carry out rehabilitation works in 19 properties of the old nucleus. Since the City Council of Tortosa is going to start distributing these aids, a total of 60 buildings have already benefited.

In order to be able to donate more information or process the request for legal aid, it is possible to contact the Local Housing Office of Tortosa, in person at the dilluns, dimecres i divendres, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.; by email to, and by phone, at 600 404 232. The bases can be consulted on the municipal website, at Month by month, the Local Housing Office also informs and processes the aids for the rest of the subsidies granted by higher administrations, as for the aid to the lloguer d’habitatges per a gent gran, or soon, to the lloguer , the youth, the rehabilitation of the interior of dwellings for people older than 65 years, or the lines of the Next Generation for the millionaire of energy efficiency in the buildings, among others.

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