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Tortosa inaugurates the renovated façana of the Cathedral and culminates the performances to all the space

Tortosa va viure ahir a special day. The capital of Ebrenca will celebrate the inauguration act of the restored façana of the Cathedral and will culminate there the various performances that have taken place throughout the country. A space that has seen a total transformation since the construction of the houses of the front of the temple, in 2015. Now, with the imposing net and restored facade and a huge square that is converted into an unusual viewpoint of the Ebre River, the new espai està cridat to become the neuràlgic center of the great i ric nucli antic of Tortosa.

The act will be attended by the presence of the Pope’s Nunci, Bernardito Auza, and the Bishop of Tortosa, Enrique Benavent, in addition to various ecclesiastical and political authorities. The day will have a festival and, therefore, the public appointment of the Cathedral square will be able to gaudir the performances of the Tortosa Banners, all a symbol of the city, of the ball of the Eagle (which is only celebrated on important occasions) and the ball de dos parelles de Gegants de la ciutat.

The act, with the sun but a window of sale, will be conducted by the journalists Silvia Tejedor and Ximo Rambla, who will remember the process of enderroc of the houses of davant the Cathedral and the history of the mateix temple, the first stone of which is going to pose the 1,347.

The degà of the Capítol Catedral i Vicar General del Bisbat de Tortosa, Mossèn José Luis Arín, will express in the seu parlament that the Cathedral of Tortosa is «the ancestral home of the great diocesan family». Diocese that goes from Priorat and Ribera d’Ebre to El Maestrat and Els Ports. Mossèn Arín will also remember the function of identification and care that the facade of the Cathedral has and will thank all those who have subsidized the treballs: the State, the Generalitat, the Tortosa City Council and the Tarragona Provincial Council . Specifically, the Govern d’Espanya, mitjançant diverses pressupostàries parties of the Ministry of Culture and the 1.5% cultural has invested since 2000 a total of 1,525,301.65 euros in various restoration works of the Cathedral. The restoration works of the façana have lasted only one year, according to the project of the architects Carles Brull and Andreu Alfonso and the restorer Manel Iglesias who have also directed the works that the EMR company has completed. The treballs have posat to manifest the wealth of the materials and the elements of the work. The Brull architect will also explain that the experts “agree that this face is unique” and that they should look for the reference to the Basilica of Sant Pere del Vaticà.

The mayor of Tortosa, Meritxell Roigé, will remember that the inauguration of the façana is the culmination of the rest of the actions of all the environment, promoted by the City Council. «It will not be easy, but the result will not be admet cap esmena», she will express. «It is a project that has transformed Tortosa and that has brought us pride». Is that in addition to the square and the urbanization of the streets of the environment, for a few weeks it is going to inaugurate the Cota Zero space, which will allow to retrace fifteen centuries of the history of the city, as well as the archaeological remains that appear on the ground of the old houses of davant the Cathedral.

The Bisbe of Tortosa Enrique Benavent spoke there of «somni fet realitat, i en temps rècord». «Abans passàvem por davant i almost did not see the façana, and one could not imagine what would happen to dins. Ara invites you to contemplate-la ia passar cap a dins », he will remark.
For the seua band, the Minister of Culture, Natàlia Garriga, will highlight «the feina arquitectònica i dels restauradors, de vegades invisible». The Generalitat has advanced that it is also planning to act, with a total investment of 500,000 euros, in the works of structural consolidation and restoration of the buttresses and arches of the ambulatory and the tower of Sant Pere. The project is currently in the drafting phase and will be financed by the agreement signed between Culture and the “La Caixa” Foundation.

The sub-delegation of the Government of Tarragona, Joan Sabaté, will also express his satisfaction with the predisposition of the Ministry of Culture and the 1.5% of MITMA for investing in Tortoise’s heritage values.

After the parliaments and the performances, it will have the blessing of the temple, at the care of the Pope’s nunci. Tot seguit is going to go inside the Cathedral to celebrate the mass. It will take a couple of minutes to open the heavy and old central doors of the temple. At the end of the mass presided over by the Nunci and El Bisbe, both musical fishes and l’Himne de la Cinta com a cloenda, it is going to uncover a plaque that leaves a historical record of the restoration.

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