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Tortosa begins the urban planning procedures for the construction of the new hospital

The Department of Health has made a formal request to the City Council of Tortosa, for the cessation of the land to build the new reference hospital for Terres de l’Ebre. From the Generalitat it is required an area of ​​40,000 square meters with a building capacity of 50,000. The land must have a good connection to the road network and accessibility from the urban core and by public transport, some conditions that complicate the 73,000 square meters of the partial area of ​​Camí de Roquetes, to the neighborhood of Ferreries and prop de Jesús, advertised by the Town Hall.
As confirmed by the mayor of Tortosa, Meritxell Roigé, the City Council has initiated the procedures for the modification of the Municipal Urban Development Plan (POUM) to change the use of the area and catalog it for equipment, while finalizes the procedure for acquiring from Sareb the part that it faces that is not owned by the municipality. «The urban modification is simple», Roigé remarks, since it is an urban area and it goes from being residential only to being used as equipment.
During the visit to Tortosa last week, the Minister of Health Josep Maria Argimon will ensure that the department is committed to the construction of a new center, but that the procedures will not start at the end of 2025, as the expansion of the center is expected ‘current Hospital Verge de la Cinta. A work that has to start this summer, as well as an investment of 35 million euros to pose the thousands of points that require the center imminently and that cannot wait. It is to build a new module, with four floors and new work, on which it will locate a new surgical block, external consultations, part of the day hospital and two parking floors, among other services. It is also planned to enable the elevators to connect the hospital with the city center at Peu.
When asked by journalists about the insistence of the Village Council to also offer some land to Health to build the new hospital at the end of the term, the mayor of Tortosa will return to deflect controversy but will be clear: «she has always estat a Tortosa, i cap conseller de Salut has questionat que el nou hospital anés a la ciutat».
The Village
Is that the City Council of the Village has presented a functional plan for a new hospital to the Minister of Health, in a meeting held dilluns in Barcelona in which the mayor Xavier Royo, the deputy and first tinent d’ Mayor Irene Negre and the councilor and representative of the ERC Toni Gilabert.
The proposed lands are located at the edge of the town on the Tortosa highway, with an area of ​​196,628 square meters and qualified as land suitable for urbanization. In addition, they could be increased by two other fringes of land located at the seu voltant, one with urban conditions of 54,000 square meters and another extension of an urban millora plain of 70,000 square meters to serve you complementary to the of the hospital, hotel and residential, according to the Town Hall. The mayor defines the proposal as immeasurable, “for the geographical centrality, for the accessibility for the important sights and communication equipment that we have in this area and also for the great extension that we can offer”.
«I also have to take into account this metropolitan area that the Terres de l’Ebre have begun to be», remarks Irene Negre for the six band.
The person who goes to the portal of the ERC, has encouraged “a public debate in ebrenca, transparent and I will be”, that “fugi de lluites entre territoris” and “thought in the million for the entire population”.

The Platform will work to escurçar els terminis del nou center
The Platform for a new hospital in Terres de l’Ebre celebrates the fact that the Department of Health and the City Council of Tortosa have finally unraveled the will to launch the construction of a new hospital center.
The movement considers that Salut could work in parallel with the expansion of the Verge de la Cinta, while the procedures for the construction of the reclamation nou center in Ferreries are advancing. “We can’t wait for 2025 to start the process, we can start now,” said one of the platform’s spokespersons, Sisco Lahosa.
From the movement, they also warn that with the extension that will start properly, one of the main problems of the Verge de la Cinta, which is accessibility, is not solved. And explain that they maintain the collection of signatures and that they are part of a technical team of assessors, including architects, engineers, metges and health managers, among others, for an accurate follow-up of the process.

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