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Tortosa approves promoting a public llar d’infants to the nucli urbà

The ple of the Tortosa City Council will approve there on the vespre promoting a public children’s call to the seu nucli urbà, at the proposal of the Movem Tortosa group.

«Tortosa al seu nucli urbà (the mateix does not pass to Jesús, Bítem or Campredó), does not have a public children’s ring. The only proposal is privacy and it is an anomaly”, explains Movem Tortosa’s spokesperson, Jordi Jordan.

The portal will explain the announcement by the Generalitat of free education for the 0-2 years stage in a progressive way by the public schools and the call in Breu by the central and regional governments of ajudes for the construction of llars d’infants públiques start dels fons europeus destinats per this measure.

«The objective is that more families can send children from 0 to 3 years of age to school, since in Catalonia only 34% of the taxes go to llar d’infants, one of the lowest taxes in Europe. If there is more free offer, many families will point to the xiquets to the llars and there they will be able to better reconcile family life and also offer an education at the first stage of life that has also shown that it is positive, “he says.
It is considered that schooling in the first years of infants has a positive direct impact on better physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.

Per tot plegat, the portaveu progressista will demand to initiate the procedures to pose in marxa the first public call to the nucli urbà and, as soon as possible, enter the calls to be able to obtain resources to have an extra financing.

In Tortosa there are public bressol schools in Campredó, Jesús and Bítem, and various private bressol schools in the city, along with the Creu Roja children’s ring that collaborates with the City Council and that cares for the most vulnerable families free of charge. .

The proposal will be approved unanimously. The CUP also carries it fully, but its holder will excuse its presence.

The ple will also unanimously approve the motion of Movem Tortosa to promote the creation of public housing in the Castell de Tortosa neighborhood, that of PSC Tortosa to urge the creation of a unit of eating behavior disorders in the Terres de l ‘Ebre i la de Ciutadans to elaborate a local plan for the majority of the security to the ciutat and to avoid the il·legal occupations.

Pavello Jordi Angelats

The ple d’ahir will approve unanimously to name the Ferreries Sports Pavilion with the name «Ferreries Sports Pavilion Jordi Angelats i Ballonga».

Jordi Angelats is going to be a cultural activist and a reference for sports in the city. One of the most remembered stages of the long trajectory of Angelats will be as president of the Club Bàsquet Cantaires during the decade of the 80s, moment in which the women’s team will achieve important sporting events. The family of Jordi Angelats will be present there at the ple.

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