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Torredembarra will boost the technology-enabled businesses

The Regidoria de Comerç, Indústria i Activitats has prepared some bases for the call for adjustments to promote the technological update and improvement of the commercial and service establishments of Torredembarra. The approval of these bases is one of the points of the order of the day of the ordinary plenary session that will be held here on April 21, at 6:00 p.m., in the Plenary Hall.

The councilor for Commerce, Industry and Activities, Josep Maria Guasch, has explained that the objective is to promote and activate the commerce of Torredembarra, encouraging a more attractive commerce adapted to the demands of consumers to the change of habits of consumption derived from the crisis health of the Covid-19 and reinforcing the seva competitiveness.

In this way, the adjustments are made to the businesses that make investments in technology to their establishment, carry out major works or acquire inventory items that allow them to ensure the profitability of the businesses and the adaptation of these to the changing environment of the current market.

The beneficiaries of the adjustments will be the physical or legal persons who carry out a commercial activity or serve Torredembarra. The total line of adjustments will be €25,000, having in mind the credit modification of the municipal budget that is expected during the month of May.

Another highlight of the day will be the constitution of the Municipal Heritage of the Soil and the Habitatge of the Torredembarra Town Hall. According to the Llei d’Urbanisme, it is obligatory to constitute this patrimony which is provided with a general urban plan that delimits areas of urban action that are likely to generate cessions of public ownership with profit.

Mainly, this only and also the income obtained as sanctions for urban infractions are assigned to the Municipal Heritage of the Soil and Housing and can be allocated, for example, to the creation of public housing. Initially, this heritage of the Torredembarra Town Hall was created with three farms and an amount of €877,254.80.

In the economic sphere, the agreement will modify the tax for the provision of the municipal waste management service to exceptionally incorporate by this 2022 a new period because the citizens and citizens of the habitats within the scope of selective collection port to port and businesses and activities in Torredembarra that compleixin the requirements puguin sol·licitar the reduction of the taxa d’escommbraries. Aquest nou termini will be from July 1st to July 29th.

It is also planned to treat the modification of the Tax on installations, constructions and works incorporating a discount of 95% in the case that the total rehabilitation affects buildings or habitats that are qualified by the General Plan as buildings or areas to be protected or that it is trobin al nucli antic i tinguin an antiquity greater than one hundred years.

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