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Torredembarra rep a grant to preserve l’Espai dels Muntanyans

The General Directorate of Environmental Policies and Natural Medicine of the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Generalitat de Catalunya has awarded the Torredembarra City Council a subsidy of €12,057.98, 90% of the total import of the project, to lay the foundations for the recovery of the habitat of the corriol camanegre at the EIN Platja de Torredembarra i Creixell in the municipal terme of Torredembarra.

The project is structured in three big blocks:

one.Empowerment of the space avant dune com a lloc preferred per nesting of the camanegre corriol.

2. Corriol camanegre. Management and organization of volunteering

3.adequacy of the information on l’EIN: Posters and Center for Environmental Activities Cal Bofill.

It includes a series of activities for the protection and delimitation of especially protected areas in the Muntanyans, manual netting of the protected beach and extraction of invasive plant species in the natural area, some of which are inclosed in the Let’s Clean Up Day that is organized every year in Torredembarra, with the support of the Catalan Waste Agency.

Also the activities that are carried out each year in the Muntanyans Treball Camp that the environmental group GETE-EAC carries out each year with the support of the Regidoria de Joventut and the General Directorate of Joventut of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Among the actions to take during the term is the coordination between the City Council and the GEPEC-EdC Ecologist Group to protect the nesting of the Camanegre Corriole both in the natural area and in the dune field of the Paella beach.

Since the third block, it includes the renewal of the 19 posters and informative panels of species and habitats located in the Natural Space, incorporating the corridor in the design.

There will also be a thematic exhibition on this species of ocell, which will be located in a room that will enable Cal Bofill to promote the knowledge of this species and the problem of serious persistence.

The Councilor for Sustainability, Joan Torras, has expressed his satisfaction with this support from the Generalitat, remembering that the management of the protected natural spaces, as well as being the responsibility of the Generalitat de Catalunya, requires agreement between administrations, since it is the ‘Ajuntament the first lloc on is addressed in the queixes i dubtes ciutadans on the state of preservation of the Muntanyans and has reminded that little is going to meet both the director general of Medi Natural i Biodiversitat, Marc Vilahur, to establish the bases of the agreement that This inter-administrative collaboration must govern and it is hoped that it will be concrete properly.

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