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Torredembarra poses in marxa the second Pla d’Ocupació

The City Council of Torredembarra poses in March the second Municipal Employment Plan. With the publication, after, of the bases for the selection of workers, the procedure for the selection of vuit people begins, in a current situation and registered as job seekers.

The professional profiles foreseen for this call are six operators/aries of various services (brigade, platges, installations, cement or environmental) and two laborers and/or official painter. The duration of the contract is six months and the City Council allocates a total of €129,000.

the end of presentation of sol applications will start the May 10 and will last until May 19. It could be shaped telematics (return to this instance and present it through electronic seu) or in person sol·licitant prior appointment to the OAC (977 64 00 25 //

The selection process will consist of an interview and the evaluation of documentary merits. The merits that will have in compte are the time in the current situation, the pertinence to specific or priority groups (persons with physical or mental disabilities, older than 45 years, younger than 30 years and victims of gender violence), Temps d’empadronament ininterromput to Torredembarra and have a valid driving license B.

The mayor of Torredembarra, Eduard Rovira, has explained that it is part of the first Municipal Employment Plan and that the initiative will arise in the negotiation of the 2021 budget with the PSC municipal group. In this sense, he commented that the City Council usually requests subsidies to incorporate personnel from the employment plans promoted by other institutions such as the Generalitat de Catalunya or the Diputació de Tarragona and that this time they have decided to donate one more month and promote a plan of its own to intensify the adjustment to senior citizens of the municipality.

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