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Torna la il lusió als carrers de Tortosa amb un Sant Jordi molt concorregut

A Tortosa feia temps that is not lived such a crowded Sant Jordi Day. The streets have been omplert, especially at midday, in a Sant Jordi that has recovered the previous year’s journey to the Ebrenca capital.

Authors sign free. Photo: Marina Pallás Caturla

Plaça de la Cinta, Carrer de la Rosa, Plaça Agustí Querol, Carrer Sant Blai. These have been the nerve centers of a day with a great atmosphere.

Books per tothom to Tortosa. Photo: Marina Pallás Caturla

The people have profited from the sun and have been farsighted because in the afternoon they point to the ennuvolat.

Radio Tortosa There has been a special program with ebrencs authors, who sign the exemplars of the seves obres.

Books and roses. Photo: Marina Pallás Caturla

Entities and non-profit associations have collected funds for solidarity projects on a day in which the illusion that a green card had been turned off due to the pandemic was recovered.

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