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Tono Folguera: «For the cinema in Catalan, ‘Alcarràs’ is the turning point»

After living anys cultivating the mateixa terra, the Solé family is reuniix per fer junts la seva darrera collita. This is the plot of the film Alcarràs, directed by Carla Simón and guanyadora of the Os d’Or at the Berlinale, which today premieres at the cinemas. The producer, Tono Folguera, who will present the film at the 8:30 p.m. session at the OCine Les Gavarres in Tarragona, highlights that “it is a project of extreme quality, played by a magic wand, which has turned it into a phenomenon ».

Aquest divendres ‘Alcarràs’ will arrive at the movie theaters. What does this moment mean?

It is the culminating moment, when all the feina that s’ha fet in the darrers anys up to the seva fi. Està molt bé guanyar premis i que se’n parli, però les pel·lícules les fem que les vegin els spectators.

The screening will be special because it will reopen cinema halls in 14 locations in Lleida and Tarragona.

Alcarràs is a very special film, since it brings together various aspects that are not used to happening, unfortunately, very often: it is a film in the Catalan language and from the independent cinema anomaly. In change, there is a diffusion and an impact at the level of commercial films. This combination is spectacular. In addition, hi hagi go out of cinemas that have reobert i pobles on has returned to the cinema, thanks to Alcarràs, it is a gift that we do not expect and that gaudim, especially those who like the cinema and luitem every day because it is not lost .

The film has followed a revolution. Ho wait?

Yes, but so much no ho pots to wait mai. If a film with Carla Simón is a guarantee of success, it is to say, you know it will be good, because she is one of the directors with the most talent that we have in the country. Now, to the cinema, to life, you can have a good product, but success is relative. Altra banda, Alcarràs is a project of extreme quality, played by a magic wand, which has made it a phenomenon.

When will the guide arrive, who will be the seva first impression?

Sabent that the director was Carla Simón, em vaig approaching the guide amb felicitat. Later, when the story arrived, it was immediately confirmed that it was very personal, a faithful portrait of an area of ​​Catalonia, of a way of working the land and that dealt with the problem of the loss of referents. Immediately after, we are going to say that the film dealt with a very universal theme from a local point of view, and this is precisely what the international market is looking for, it is to say, local themes that have a universal vision.

Pel who goes to production, in what aspects is he going to be a creep?

It was a very choral guide with many setmanes of filming and many complications of filming. Així mateix, també vam feel the vertigo of thinking: ara, com farem això?

One of the schemes that the film has put into practice is that it includes both actors and non-professional actors. Is it a trend?

I did not grow The cinema, from time to time and depending on the project, has always sought the one that best suits the guide and the story that is to explain. In these cases, Alcarràs is a molt history of the land, for which Carla Simón was clear that the actors and actrius had to be from the territory and speak Lleidatà.

Turning them into professional intèrprets suposa also molta feina.

It’s complex and it’s a feina feta al darrere de les càmeres. In this sense, Carla Simón is going to be her mesos assajant to build the family of Alcarràs and characters who masterfully interpret her role. Aquesta feina has estat clau per a pel·lícula.

For the Catalan language and culture, how has the film contributed to making them visible?

In the darrers anys, we are in a terrible position for the production of cinema in Catalan, making films in Catalan based on talent and practically without economic resources. Alcarràs is the demonstration that if there is confidence in the cinema in the Catalan language and the necessary resources are granted, that any film needs to compete in the European sphere, the results will arrive. Alcarràs is the turning point for cinema in Catalan and because the Catalan language has become the one that had been, an important and normal language in the audiovisual sector, followed by cinema, television or platforms.

The International Film Festival in Català Costa Daurada, FIC-CAT, works to promote the creation of the country’s industry and in Catalan.

The FIC-CAT is a finery that allows Catalan-language films to be included in the framework of a festival and for a time that, in the future, will grow. To get-ho are necessary good movies in Catalan. I have always told the festival management that there are many good ones to come, for which thing you can believe in the name of films and quality.

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