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Tierra de Comedia brings to Tarraco Arena the play “Murderers all”

On May 8, Asesinos todos, a play written by Jordi Sánchez and Pep Antón and starring Carlos Sobera, Neus Asensi, Elisa Matilla and Ángel Pardo.

What better plan to laugh for more than 95 minutes in a row on a Sunday afternoon? Buy your tickets at:

Manolo is left empty at work. Or so he thinks. And his wife, Loli, tired of seeing him depressed and crying on street corners, is clear about it. This cannot continue like this. Something will have to be done.

Pepe and Diana, close friends of Manolo and Loli, cannot believe their eyes. Pepe’s mother has just returned from a trip on the Imerso. But she accompanied. For a Russian. 25 years old. And what the Russian wants, no one doubts: to fleece the mother. And, incidentally, to Pepe, the son. And the daughter-in-law, Diana. Or so they think. And Pepe and Diana have it clear. This can not be.

Something will have to be done. And Pepe, and Diana, and Loli and Manolo meet for dinner one night. And, between plate and plate, the idea arises. “Strangers on a train.” Because something will have to be done. “And you take care of Manolo’s bosses and we take care of your Russian.”

And so, like someone who doesn’t want the thing, all the anger appears, and all the fears, and all the miseries. And they start the infernal mechanism. They summon the devil, yes. They awaken the beast that we all carry inside. And, once she wakes up, let’s see who stops her. Because here, Killers All. Or if not, let the first stone be cast by those who have never had the urge to kill someone… No one, right?

Well that, Killers All.

Because something will have to be done.

A comedy, by the way.

Buy your tickets at:

We are waiting for you May 8 in tarraco sand to enjoy a wonderful dinner with situations that will be more than familiar to us!

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