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This is how the door-to-door garbage collection for the Calafell business looks like

The Calafell City Council explained to business representatives the new schedules for collection door to door of the different fractions of the garbage.

A first approach generated complaints since the trucks pass at times of great affluence of people in the streetsso a review was requested.

The objective is increase recycling levels since the locality, together with the region, is at the bottom of Catalonia. But also taking less garbage to landfills with the consequent cost, which will also become more expensive.

the new model It will apply from May 9. The door-to-door option is because it is the most efficient in order to increase recycling levels.

The times and days of collection of each of the fractions They are for trade. Another collection model is also being prepared for citizens consisting of mobile containers that will be there for a few hours. Outside of these hours, the residents must take the rubbish to the container batteries on the avenue parallel to the train track.

So will be the household garbage collection for neighbors

container areas on the beach they will disappear. see why

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