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Thirty entities sign a document to Valls to rebut the Urban Director Plan

Some thirty companies and entities from the Alt Camp have signed a manifesto to rebut the Plana de l’Alt Camp Urban Director for Economic Activity (PDUAE). The text is presented in an act promoted by the Camp’s Sustainable Territory Platform to present the table on the impact that the industrial development project would entail for the Department of Territory and the municipalities of Vila-rodona, Alió, El Pla de Santa Maria i Valls , yes be the last two have fet marxa enrere. Pagesos, viticulturists, producers or rural tourism entrepreneurs have assured that the PDU would prevent them from continuing their activities.

The manifesto was received by Vicenç Ferré, president of the DO Tarragona, one of the signatory entities, among which there is also the DOP Siurana, the IGP Calçot de Valls, the agricultural cooperative of Valls, restaurants, rural tourism businesses or various producers. , among others.

All of them have committed themselves “to the possible” to saturate the PDU, which support “poses in perill” the severe economic activities “and threatens the destruction of the occupation” that they generate “in the field of agriculture , tourism, reading and restoration».

Now they value the Plana de Secà de l’Alt Camp, which they consider to be “low valued” and warn that it is a landscape “unique” to Catalonia and “regressed to all of Europe”. “The PDUAE represents the destruction of all the values ​​of the territory on which to build economic activities that respect both this territory and the seva people, the culture and the local heritage,” the text said.

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About thirty people will attend the act and they will present the preliminary report for the protection of the Plana de Secà de l’Alt Camp. The treball has anat a càrrec of Joan Pons, environmentalologist and consultant in environmental law.

Pons explained that Catalonia has not developed a Specific Agrarian Sectorial Territorial Plan, although it has been allowed since 2019, and defends that this would be a good way to protect the territory from industrialization plans with the PDUAE. “Cal promote it immediately,” he recommends.

Likewise, it affirmed that a review of the Partial Territorial Plan of Camp de Tarragona was approved for more than two years, and that it contemplates large-scale industrial estates with which it has been projected in the region. Finally, he urged the area councils to review their POUMs in order to “shield themselves from future macroprojects” and draft a Plana de Secà Landscape Charter.

For the seva band, Maria Santiago, member of the Sustainable Territory Platform of the Camp, indicated that beyond the PDU, one of the threats against the Pla de Secà de l’Alt Camp are the photovoltaic panels. Santiago stressed the importance of the landscape for the local economy along with its ecosystem. She was also focused on the constructions of dry stone and has detailed that the urban plan in poses 58 in perill, dels municipis d’Alió and Vila-rodona. In addition, she is distrustful that she is facing the withdrawal of Valls and the Pla de Santa Maria from the project and has alerted that a cop passed the municipal elections of any that she sees, it could reactivate.

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