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They warn of the presence of wild boars in the Molí de la Torre de Cambrils urbanization

The Neighborhood Association of the Molí de la Torre de Cambrils has warned of the presence of wild boars, during the last few days, in this urbanization located between the Cavet road and the old national N-340 of the municipality.

The proximity to the Maspujols stream facilitates the arrival of these animals to the urbanization, where they look for food. The best sample is the specimen that appears in the image approaching some containers located at one end of Francesc Català-Roca street, near the neighborhood’s Civic Center, without the person who was throwing a garbage bag at that moment notice the presence of the boar, which appeared in broad daylight.

Also in Llosa

The Cambrils Local Police have warned on their social networks of the presence of wild boars during the night of this past Wednesday in the Cavet road itself, at the height of the aforementioned Molí de la Torre, and also on the N-340, next to the Llosa.

The police force asks drivers to be careful when traveling on these roads, especially at night. These animals are also frequent in other areas of the municipality.

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