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They suspect the speed of a car in El Vendrell and find cocaine and hashish inside

The excessive speed at which a car was traveling along the road from Barcelona to El Vendrell alerted a Local Police patrol that was in the area on Thursday night carrying out one of the usual security checks.

The agents chose to stop the vehicle and request documentation from the driver.

Was when it was found that the man had several records for crimes against public healthwhich made him suspicious of the speed of the car when he saw the patrol as an attempt to escape police control.

The agents They chose to search the vehicle and found various amounts of drugs. Specifically, a dozen pieces of cocaine and another ten with hashish that were hidden in different parts of the car hidden from view.

The police officers They arrested the individual for an alleged crime against public health. The vehicle was seized and taken to police headquarters.

The agents carried out the proceedings and the detainee has passed before the judge.

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