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They rescue in Calafell a seagull of an endangered species attacked by a cat

Despite the fact that a few years ago it was one of the most endangered species of seagulls in the world, its population has recovered, but it is still considered scarce and in need of protection. In fact, in Catalonia it is considered in danger of extinction.

A few days ago the Calafell Environmental Research and Education Center treated a Corsican seagull injured by a cat attack. The bird suffered a deep wound to one of its wings.

The Corsican gull is very different from the one that can be seen in urban areas. Some neighbors found the injured seagull and gave notice.

The Corsican gull was found in Calafell.

The Corsican gull was taken to the Calafell environmental center where it was cared for and where pIt will remain until its recovery after which it will be released into the environment.

The presence of the specimen has surprised Calafell since it is more common in coastal areas of the North African Atlantic and the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

Look at the status of the Corsican gull according to the Red Book of birds in Spain 2021

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