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They look for the robbers of a Barcelona branch in Tarragona

Two men, possibly young, have robbed this Friday morning a bank branch in the town of Abrera, in the province of Barcelona. They have done it with knives and after threatening the staff they have taken a small economic booty, since bank security prevents having too much cash on hand.

The subjects carried a knife and an ax and after obtaining a few hundred euros they left the branch and got into a light-colored car, as reported by the Diari.

After the flight, the notice was given to Mossos, which has activated a search device for the robbers. He has knowledge of the physical appearance of him, the model and color of the car.

Faced with the possibility that after leaving the town of Abrera they could take any escape route, notice has been sent to the different police regions of Catalonia, including those of Tarragona in case the perpetrators of this robbery were found.

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