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They intercept a van with a ton of hashish at the exit of the AP-7 in Vila-seca

Mossos d’Esquadra de Trànsit units arrested a 48-year-old man last week accused of being the alleged perpetrator of several crimes: one against public health, another against traffic safety and the third for forgery of a public document.

The events took place on Thursday, April 28, around 11 a.m. when the driver of a white van saw the presence of Mossos and fled from a speed control located at kilometer 265 of the AP-7 at the height of Cambrils north. Traffic patrols were activated to intercept the suspicious vehicle.

The driver accelerated and decided to leave the AP-7 near Reus to try to mislead the patrols. But he changed his mind and maneuvered to get back on the AP-7 heading south with the wish that he had deceived the Mossos. But they had him under control at all times and managed to follow him and stop the van at kilometer 256, at the motorway exit within the Vila-seca terminus, now heading south.


In the search of the transport vehicle, the agents located a large number of packages of hashish in the rear. The Trànsit agents notified the colleagues of the Criminal Investigation Division (DIC), who took charge of the transport, determining that the cargo was drugs, specifically 909 kilos of hashish distributed in bundles were weighed.

During the checks carried out at the foot of the highway, the traffic agents were able to confirm that the van was circulating with license plates that corresponded to a vehicle of the same make and model, but it was not that one. They were cloned.

After verifying the drug, the false registration plates and skipping the Mossos control, the driver was arrested and on Saturday he was brought to justice in Tarragona and the magistrate ordered his entry into prison.

Drug trafficking, mainly marijuana, and its transportation by land from Catalonia to different European countries is one of the points that the Calatalan Police contemplates in the fight against criminal organizations dedicated to drug cultivation and trafficking.


In this sense, at the beginning of this year the challenges of Mossos were presented to fight against marijuana, the most seized drug in Catalonia and that last 2021 resulted in 8.9 tons seized and a total of 662 plantations dismantled throughout the country. territory.

In addition to the van intercepted in Vila-seca, last week a man was also arrested in Llinars del Vallès who also had drugs in his car, among other objects.

These two arrests coincide on the same road, the AP-7, one of the main Catalan arteries where the Mossos dedicate more resources to fight against criminal organizations dedicated to drug trafficking as well as the subsequent transfer by road to other European countries.

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