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They evict some homeless people and wall up part of the blue zone of the Riera Miró de Reus

Operators worked during the morning of this Monday, May 9, to wall up the part of the parking lot in the blue zone of the Riera Miró de Reus where, for a few months, a group of people lived. The workers placed bricks to close the access to the roofed alcove in which these indigents had installed mattresses and armchairs, as well as some belongings.

Municipal sources consulted in this regard indicate to the diary that Reus Mobilitat i Serveis has ordered the boarding up “for reasons of cleanliness and health” after evicting the group. Regarding the situation in which these people are left, the same sources detail that the Guàrdia Urbana had paid them several visits spread over a long period of time and that the City Council had also offered them help, without their having accepted it. Until yesterday, the group continued camping there.

The homeless are not conflictive and occupied a part of the car park that did not hinder the use by drivers. They had arranged the mattresses against the wall, in the space protected by the bumpers that prevent cars from running into it when they park. They were often seen sleeping or sitting eating and chatting in the armchairs. The closure of this part of the blue zone will imply the loss of three spaces for vehicles, according to the same sources.

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