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They destroy the cat hoppers in Calafell

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Many of the hoppers that the Calafell City Council placed in streets and parks to feed stray cats they have appeared destroyed and full of excrement in order to disable them.

These deposits are controlled by the neighbors in charge of managing the cat colonies in which the sterilization measure has been applied for years to control the number of copies.

But it was also decided to place these tanks with water and food since cats help control the presence of rodents and insects so they have an essential role in avoiding these pests.

However, not everyone accepts the presence of stray cats and they destroy those hoppers. In addition to leaving the animals without feeders the damage represents an expense for the public coffers and they must be replaced. The City Council regrets the damage and points out that cat colonies play an essential role in the urban ecosystem, which is why it was decided to control the colonies.

In addition to the hoppers, the City Council of Calafell has placed some old igloos for recycling glass in different parts of the municipality that have been modified and adapted as huts for the shelter of these animals. Colony controllers are in charge of cleaning and bringing food and water.

Now there is concern about the destruction of the hoppers since the fact that numerous destroyed ones have appeared suggests an intentional attack.

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