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They destroy a 45-kilo projectile in El Pinell de Brai

The Civil Guard located and destroyed on April 16 a 45-kilo projectile in a place near the path of the hermitage of Santa Maria de Magdalena, in the town of El Pinell de Brai (Tarragona).

In a statement this Wednesday, they explained that a citizen who was walking around the area, with a metal detector, detected an object that “by its appearance seemed like an artillery shell.”

The Civil Guard traveled to the scene and identified a 45-kilogram 155-millimeter explosive projectile used in the 1155/13 Schneider artillery pieces, which still had its fuse, “which made it even more dangerous”.

They have explained that this piece was probably thrown during the Battle of the Ebro and, for unknown reasons, when it hit the ground, it did not activate. Due to the fact that there was an abundant forest mass in the area of ​​the discovery and it did not meet the optimal safety conditions for its detonation, the agents removed the projectile and destroyed it in a nearby quarry.

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