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They denounce the 4-month delay to apply a discount on the bus to people with disabilities in La Bisbal

The Ara group, in opposition in La Bisbal criticizes the delay for people with a disability of more than 33% have free intercity transport and municipal facilitiesas requested by the group in a plenary session last December with a motion that was approved unanimously.

Nevertheless four months later the government of La Bisbal has not published in the Official Gazette of the Province the modification of the ordinance that would allow this bonus.

To questions from Ara, the government team replies that the municipal technicians “they are working on it”, which for the group’s spokesperson, Maguy Antolin “is of doubtful credibility.” The councilor points out that there are other not so essential issues that are being published and processed.

Antolín points out that the group for which free intercity transport is requested has about nspecial needs for mobility and facilities must be provided.

In this way the Catalan Ombudsman has attended to mediate before what he considers a “flagrant lack of political will on the part of the Pdecat de la Bisbal del Penedés, which does not comply with what it approves”.

«Our moral duty, and political in this case, is to ensure the interests and rights of the group of disabled people. In fact, the mayor and the mobility councilor were called to their attention for not having contemplated the group in the urban bus pricing”, explains Antolín.

The motion:

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