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They demand explanations from Renfe for allowing smoking at a bachelorette party

The NGO Nofumadores demands Renfe’s responsibility for having allowed women who were celebrating an “uncontrolled” bachelorette party to smoke on the train, while the railway company’s staff “remained hidden in the cabin without acting and without calling the police”.

“It was a cigar party with the acquiescence of Renfe,” the president of the NGO Nofumadores, Raquel Fernández Megina, explained this Sunday in a statement. Without masks and smoking one cigarette after another, a group of women celebrated a bachelorette party, dressed in black pants and a red sash, mixed drinks, fuss and, above all, tobacco, before the sudden disappearance of the Renfe staff, “he adds in the notice.

This incident occurred last Friday in wagon 4 of the Intercity Torre del Oro, train 00697, which covers the Barcelona-Cádiz route. “In four hours they did not even ask for the tickets,” says Fernández Megina, who warns that “the security guards, inspectors and the train’s inspector, allowed a party without masks and with cigarettes while all the other passengers on the train suffered snuff smoke”.

Fernández Megina criticizes Renfe for “allowing smoking on public transport and for the extreme negligence of its employees, who were shamefully inhibited when they had to have called the police, denounced and kicked offenders off the train.”

“Asked for help”

During the journey, Javier Doncel, a passenger who was traveling in that car 4, prisoner of an anxiety attack, contacted the NGO “asking for help what he had to endure during the Alcázar de San Juan-Córdoba journey,” explains Nofumadores in the statement. Shortly before Javier Doncel finally got off the train in Córdoba, a inspector appeared who simply “asked him that if he was not satisfied, he should ask for a complaint form at the station,” the NGO said in the note.

“Renfe should have immediately expelled the violators from the train and put them at the disposal of the National Police,” adds Fernández Megina, who reminds Renfe that passengers have every right to travel comfortably and safely “which includes, in addition to the right not to inhale foreign aerosols”.

In response, Renfe sources assure that the company “does not tolerate this type of attitude on its trains. When uncivil behavior is detected, the passengers involved are notified and, if necessary, the police are informed.” Regarding this incident, “Renfe is compiling all the information to take the appropriate measures”

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