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They demand 28 years for two accused of killing one of their daughters

The Prosecutor’s Office of Tarragona demands for two men a total of 28 years in prison for having killed the daughter of one of them in Bisbal del Penedès, after passing the fets for a robbery, The fets will happen in 2017 and possibly they will arrive to judici enguany to l’Audiència de Tarragona amb a popular jury.

The Public Ministry, in its indictment, acknowledged that in July 2017, David MM –one of the accusers– resided with his wife in a house located in the Priorat urbanization, in Bisbal del Penedès. In this house also lives the victim – 63 years old – and her husband – peers from the company of the trial.

David travessava a precarious economic situation, recalled the prosecutor. Per això, at the beginning of June he will agree with the other accused, Aureli GM –both they were companies of feina and friends–, to seize the cash that the victim kept in a bossa that is trobava to l’habitatge . If the accusers disregard the specific amount, they calculate that there were about 20,000 euros.

The two will agree to take advantage of an opportunity in which the victim is alone in the dwelling. I’m going to hide on the 4th of July. They knew that the husband of the donut would be in Barcelona and David would carry the seva company to see apartments and go to a restaurant. The plan was for Aureli to enter the house with the accesses that David would previously leave open and then proceed to leave the asphyxiating woman unconscious and ligant her with a roll of duct tape. Following the plan, Aureli would proceed to grab the diners and leave the dwelling. He then had to contact David to indicate that they could return to the house, giving them a code that they connect to the phone number used by the process.

for a moment

I will arrive the expected day. On the 4th of July, at the turn of the afternoon, David will open a window to the perimeter tank of the farm and will open the window corresponding to the second room on the first floor. Next, he goes to walk from home with the seva company with the pretext of anar a veure apartments al Vendrell. Subsequently, the parella goes to cook soup at a restaurant in Roda de Berà.

Three quarts de deu, the victim was alone at the house. Aureli is going to access the farm first and then to the house, prying with a cadira the blind on the end of the first floor. Next, according to the prosecutor’s account, he is going to be surprisingly introduced to the room, where the victim was. He is going to cover her on the head and her face and he is going to cover her respiratory sights with one of the sofa cushions, keeping the pressure on fins that he knows that she had fainted.

Next, he seized the victim’s purse, which was inside a bossa’s room. It contained documentation and about 3,000 euros in cash, also with two rings. But he is not going to see that dins la bossa was left with an envelope of 14,000 euros.

The author of the crime is going to be marxar of the house and is going to send a missatge to David tooth-li that he could not return. The phrase fou: “I’ve finished dinner.” Llavors, this one and his partner are going to pay the price and go to the restaurant, arriving at the house at 10:55 p.m. Van veure el cos of the victim stretched to the sofa. While the seva filla of him notified the emergency service, David will simulate davant l’operatzava that he performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

While waiting for the first Mossos patrol – it will arrive at 11:10 p.m. –, David will prepare the scene to believe the police that they are strangers to them who are unaware of the location of the diners who have entered the house with the finality d’un robatori. Per això, he’s going to get some stolen fish from his son’s room and he’s going to throw them on the ground.

When the Mossos were at the house, the family of the victim s’adonà that the bossa de la seva mare faced an envelope with 14,000 euros and ho lliurà als agents.

On the 25th, David will simulate davant la seva companya, el sogre y un cosí haver trobat casually, in the light of the victim’s room, the rings that have been denounced as robbers, they believe that they have always been there and that there is no sostrets state.

For the prosecutor, the fets constitute a crime of murder and another robbery with violence in an inhabited house. For the first time he requires 23 years of imprisonment and for the second, five. Tanmateix, in concept of civil responsibility, he sol asks for the payment of 15,000 euros for the victim’s wife and 30,000 for the death of her two children.

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