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They catch a man after complaints of theft in farms in Torredembarra

For a long time, some farmers who have their farms in the municipality of Torredembarra had asked the Local Police for more vigilance in the rural area due to the presence of outsiders and the verification of thefts, whether of pieces to be resold in a junkyard or of agricultural products to eat or resell illegally.

This week, the Local Police and the farmers agreed to carry out an operation to try to identify and arrest the alleged thief. The surveillance action was carried out on Tuesday and in the middle of the afternoon, in one of the farms in the town, a man who was collecting vegetables showed up. The farmer alerted the Local Police, who dispatched a patrol and intercepted the alleged perpetrator of the robbery. He carried a bag with the products that he had collected and that he could not justify its origin.

The peasants were not only upset by these thefts, but also by the destruction they made of the rest of the crops, creating serious damage.

Police sources point out that the intercepted man does not belong to any gang and that he could act to survive. Police surveillance will continue to be active on the farms in the town.

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