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They capture the boar tennis players in Segur de Calafell

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A few weeks ago the three wild boars were seen running around the beach and the promenade of Cunit and days later the three specimens were in a plot with a tennis court in Segur de Calafell.

Residents of the area explained that the people who reside in a house attached They led them there, placing food along the way to attract them.

Being in that plot, the wild boars raised expectations, where some neighbors left them food. However, it also generated suspicion in case they were in the best conditions, as well as fear in case they escaped.

Local Police and Civil Protection of Calafell next to the farm where the wild boars were.

The City Council asked the forestry agents to catch the wild boars and take care of them. This Thursday the rural of the Generalitat They have come to the area to capture the animals.

The foresters had planned to sedate the wild boars for later release them in a wooded area of ​​the municipality.

It is not the first time that in urban areas of Calafell wild boars have been seen that come from mountainous areas of the municipality in search of food found in garbage.

Although they are not usually dangerous if left undisturbed, their presence on public roads can pose a risk and more if they enter roads.

Also a few days ago, the Calafell Local Police had to intervene to remove a wild boar that was next to the C-31 road in the Mas Mel area.

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