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They ask for 7 years in prison for three accused of leaving a taxi driver unconscious in Salou

Three young people of Belgian nationality will sit in the dock of the Fourth Section of the Provincial Court of Tarragona -on a date to be determined- accused of having tried to kill a taxi driver from Salou -they left him unconscious- by refusing to take them because they they had skipped the queue of customers. For the three, the prosecutor requests seven years in prison and for two of them, six more for attacking authority and injuries.

The defendants are Baykar O, 34 years old – he was in preventive detention from July 9 to September 12 –, Kevin O., 24 – from July 9 to August 17 – and Alan E., 27 – in the Same dates as above. The prosecutor assures that at a quarter to six in the morning of July 8, 2018, the defendants went to the taxi stop of the Font Lluminosa de Salou.

They started an argument with the victim, because they wanted to catch the taxi before other customers who were waiting earlier. Given this, the defendants kicked the vehicle, causing damage valued at 317.05 euros.

The victim then got out of the taxi. The three defendants began to beat him, at which point another taxi driver intervened to separate his partner from him. Then, the three defendants also attacked him.

Baykar, “with obvious contempt for the life of Mr. (…)”, picked him up, lifting him several meters. He threw him to the ground, where he hit his head, knocking him unconscious. The aggressor turned quickly and using the belt he was wearing, hit the other taxi driver. Before the aforementioned aggression, a third taxi driver intervened, who was also severely beaten on the right side, specifically in the ribs.

While the victim was on the ground unconscious and in spasms, the three defendants tried to attack her again, which was prevented by the taxi driver’s companions and because a Mossos d’Esquadra patrol came to the scene. At that time, the three defendants fled the scene.

The officers gave chase to the suspects, who disobeyed orders to stop. Finally, the police caught up with Baykar, who slipped and fell to the ground.

The mossos could be on top of it to reduce it. But he began to beat them and kicked and punched them. At that moment, another of the defendants, Kevin, approached the group from behind and punched one of the officers in the head, making him fall to the ground. Another patrol went to the scene and the police officers were also beaten while trying to arrest the suspects.

The first taxi driver suffered a head injury, with loss of consciousness, concussion, headache, dizziness and drowsiness, with hemorrhage, in addition to bruising and fracture. These injuries were life-threatening to him. The injuries took 142 days to heal, of which he was hospitalized nine and five in the ICU.

The injuries of one of the agents took 47 days to heal, of which 44 were on leave. The same as another of the police officers –in this case the injuries took 60 days to heal–.

The miseries

The three defendants face seven years in prison for a crime of attempted murder, in addition to the fact that for ten years they cannot come within 500 meters of the taxi driver who lost consciousness. It is necessary to add a fine of 1,800 euros for a minor offense of damage and 3,600 euros more for two minor offenses of injury.

In addition to these sentences, the Prosecutor’s Office asks Baykar and Kevin for three years for attacking law enforcement officers, three more years for a crime of injury and a fine of 5,400 euros for three minor offenses of injury.

As civil liability, the prosecutor requests that the three defendants pay the taxi driver who came out worse off 7,680 euros for the injuries and 6,570 for the consequences. To another taxi driver 210 euros and to the third 120, in addition to the 317.05 for the damage caused in the taxi.

And Baykar and Kevin will pay one of the Mossos 2,730 euros for the injuries and 700 for the consequences, another 3,120, the third 750 and 150 for the fourth.

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