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They are looking for a man after giving a knife to another in Cambrils

A bar fight, on Paseo Miramar in Cambrils, ended last Monday with a stab wound. The cut was not very deep and the victim ended up being treated at the CAP without the risk of complicating the wound.

The facts were known shortly after 2 in the morning at the doors of a bar on Paseo Miramar. From there an alert was received in which there was talk of a massive fight. Patrols from the Local Police and Mossos, a body that took on the investigation of the case, appeared at the scene.

When the patrols arrived, the fight had dissolved and in the vicinity of the premises only the wounded man and little else remained. He explained his version of events and was treated for the wound.

Mossos sources indicate that they are looking for those involved in the fight and the author of the knife attack, who would be denounced for a crime of injury.

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