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The youngest neighborhood entities of Reus want to have headquarters

The five youngest neighborhood entities in the city, all created in 2018, review their history and their neighborhood representatives explain the motivation that led a group of neighbors to create an association, something that “has had good results, although there is always work to do.” make”.

They say they have solved some problems of incivility and dirt, above all, and they highlight, yes, that the pandemic has “paralyzed” them. In many cases, they still have to “make themselves known to the rest of the neighbors” and formalize solid strategies and projects once the Covid-19 restrictions have been relaxed.

The president of the Associació de Veïns (AV) Mas Magrané, Cori Parra, says, for example, that the entity emerged to “combat incivility, dirt and to revitalize the neighborhood” among all the residents of its area of ​​influence . “Recently, we had a meeting to find, with the help of the City Council, a place to settle,” she explains.

He lists that, in terms of security, “everything is fine” on Teresa Miquel i Pàmies street, and more so with “the installation of cameras”; “the cleanliness of the neighborhood has improved, which was very dirty before, we have insisted a lot,” he says. As objectives, they want to organize activities for the little ones, “especially to work on coexistence between neighbors and, for all this, a local is needed,” he emphasizes.

They have begun, on the other hand, to set up an outing that brings together people from the Mas Magrané area and other neighborhoods. “On May 22 there is an excursion planned to Scala Dei, to which about 40 people have signed up so far,” he says. When describing the neighbourhood, he says that “there is a lot of immigration and we would like to establish a link with it, although with the Covid pandemic we still have to do a lot of visibility work”. They are directed, mainly, to the family audience and the elderly.

Review of problems

The president of the AV Zone 5, Elena Baquero, recalls for her part that the entity decided to establish itself to alleviate issues such as cockroach infestations, incivility as a result of people starting to consume alcohol in the parks and managing the circulation of trucks at high speeds. “There are some problems that have not been solved, like the one with the trucks, there is no way to get rid of them, but there are others that can: it is the case of alcohol consumption in parks, Guàrdia Urbana is very attentive”, she is happy.

He adds that the entity has not been able to develop many initiatives, “the virus has prevented us from doing so.” “We complained at the time about the lack of cleanliness and now they come to collect the garbage more often,” he says. He points out, even so, a problem of a “specific nature”: “In the street of Móra d’Ebre we have a plague of cockroaches, inside some homes, something of which we have notified the City Council and they are already remedying it, luckily », he emphasizes. Baquero also adds that at the moment there are 102 members and that “we need some time, but the intention is to start making noise and gain visibility in the area, so that more people join.” Having headquarters for the association is an issue that is also weighed. At the moment, they coordinate effectively by instant messaging: “Most of the neighbors are on WhatsApp, we all find out everything and when we have more experience, we will look for a place.”

The president of AV Reus Nord, Josep Ramon Ferré, represents a very active neighborhood entity, often promoting initiatives designed for families. Ferré mentions an activity, even so, “subject to bureaucracy”: they want to host a “competition, at the Catalan level, of the botifarra card game”. «They take time to give us the green light to locate it in La Palma. We would like there to be more fluid communication with the City Council », he acknowledges. They would place the act in June, “we would like to make it coincide with the neighborhood festivals.” With the Diada de Sant Jordi close by, Ferré takes the opportunity to announce, also, that «in the neighborhood headquarters, we will open a library corner, so that members come to collect books and leave those they no longer want at home; there are books for children and adults, on a variety of topics and about Reus », he informs.

He points out that the Associació de Comerciants i Professionals Reus Nord is also working on an action to promote local crafts. «We have a space for it, between Bertran de Bell-lloc and Bertran de Castellet streets. There are many unused premises in the neighborhood, of a size for little commercial use in which artistic works can be exhibited », she specifies. To give life to many of the corners of the area “murals could be painted on the empty walls and adapt the premises, always agreeing with the owners.” They talk with some and the City Council.

The president of AV El Roserar de Mas Iglesias, Francesc Jornet, recalls that the objectives have always been “to improve the neighbourhood; There have been projects that have advanced and others that have not. At the moment, he points out, “we are adapting to the new pipicán, it is well installed and it is to be appreciated, although we continue to fight as an association and the two toughest years of Covid have upset us.” Remember that the City Council gave them a space in the Pere Anguera Library, but they prefer their own place, “and more if we want to do activities, we are in talks,” he stresses, not without forgetting, the claim for the modernization of the playground and a area where the older ones can exercise. “We have to insist a lot, because the bureaucracy makes everything very slow,” he reasons.

The president of the AV Plaça Cultura de la Pau, Víctor Muñoz, distinguishes in turn that the fights, incivility and dirt “have been 100% eradicated thanks to the cooperation of Guàrdia Urbana and the councils involved”. He attributes the creation of the association «having solved several problems. We exerted pressure and they listened to us. The idea now is to bring together more partners, set up activities and continue to grow.

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