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The “yes I want” at 130 km/h in PortAventura

Paola excitedly went up to the Shambala and came down even more ecstatic. It wasn’t the loops, the speed and the air on her face that caused her heart to pound. It was the surprise that her partner had prepared for her as soon as the circuit started.

As soon as it started, her boyfriend started recording. She, innocently, thought it was one more video of the emotion of this roller coaster… until he asked her if she wanted to get married. “I was thinking about something. I have reconsidered what we have talked about. Do you want to marry me?”, She is heard in the video that she was recording at that time.

And then, in an acceleration of the Shambala, the hair in the wind and the shout of emotion from the roller coaster could not drown out the “yessssssssssssssssssssss,” that answered the request for a hand.

Paola did not expect at all that her boyfriend was going to take advantage of that moment to ask her to marry him. The young woman nimbly and quickly took the box with her ring so that she would not get lost, falling from more than 70 meters high.

The video was uploaded on TikTok and it didn’t take long for it to go viral. Proposals in theme parks have become very popular among young people. Perhaps the original thing about the video and the bravery of the young man is that he did it mounted on an attraction that reaches 130 km / h.

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