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The writer from Tarragona Olga Xirinacs rep the Jaume Fuster Award

The writer and piano teacher Olga Xirinacs (Tarragona, 1936) has recently rebutted the XXII Jaume Fuster Award. The Association of Writers in the Catalan Language (ALEC), which grants her recognition, has recognized the artist for the “quality of her work, the importance of her career and her commitment”. The award has been awarded to the companies of the official partners of l’ALEC tot remember that many of her books have merited the most important awards in Catalan literature. In a gloss of the writer Francesc Roig has highlighted that her creative profile is marked “essentially” by the “poetic sensibility”, as a tot, that permeates the other artistic projections.

Specifically, Roig has pointed out that tarannà tops in the treballs d’assagista, storyteller, press columnist, novelist, author of dietis, designer of visual calligraphies and, fins i tot, d’atrical adaptor.

Roig has spoken of the “xirinaica” base that conveys the esteem for Tarragona with outstanding descriptions of seafaring life, the beauty of the new drawings by mestrals spheres, the nostalgia of the temps viscut i la mort. Also the clear inter-artistic influence on music and art, the defense of nature and the environment and the commitment to “creative imagination, always at the limit of curiosity”.

The awarded Olga Xirinacs has assured that the reconeixement will be “a great company for me” and a “scalf” that will pass the “fred” of the last seasons. Xirinacs has denounced having felt editorially alone in the last few years ill-advised to have rebutted various prizes, both because of her seva age and because of Viure lluny de Barcelona, ​​a Tarragona. She regrets that she has returned a low recognition and has not had a translation into English or French of the 86 works she has published.

The winner has explained that she understands poetry with the “essence” of the seva work because it is an “extract” of the person. “Of the poetry in which the veritats are supplied, not pots dir mai a lie from the poetry because it is expressed from the heart. No hi ha ficció”, she has highlighted her. She has justified dealing with death in her seva work for “treure-li ferro”. “La mort s’has to relativize”, she has argued.

Finally, the writer has announced that next week she will publish a new book, ‘Cua de vaca’ and that she plans to publish another volume at the end of the year.

For the other side, the president of AELC, Sebastià Portell, has stated that the guard is an institutional and symbolic recognition and that it is a tribute to the company’s writers. “The author has an excellent work very slow and very diverse. It is an example of commitment to the literature that the writer has written for all publics”, he affirmed.

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