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The volunteers collect more than 1,500 kilos of waste and waste from Alcover

In Alcover, a total of 18 volunteers – mainly from Alcover but also from Reus and Vinyols – have participated this week in the Let’s clean up! de Mont-ral– and els camins de la Natura –draw the Font Fresca– and del Rourell –ends to the works of the new treatment plant–.

It is collecting 1,200 kilos of rebuig and plastics, and it is going to leave amuntegats and visible 350 kilos more of work and runam because here I killed the carregui the Municipal Brigade with adient machinery.

The participants have been divided into groups of sis and will be netejant from the nou del matí fins to three quarters of one in the afternoon. Those who have more feina tingut, point to the diary The councilor for the Environment, Carme Sánchez, has established the Terra Vermella, with a lot of construction material, to be on the road.

The participants to the day. Photo: Alcover Town Hall

It is going to locate many uncontrollable abocaments, “tot i that the Brigade, once a month, neteja the ones that are more visible”, comments the councilor, “deduïm who are the authors, but not them we can enxampar mai”.

Among the volunteers there were five members of the Municipal Brigade and also a treballadora. «I els vuit nens que venien ficaven moltes ganes en la recollida. I know how to recycle molt bé”, emphasizes Sánchez. Among the trobat material there is a pair of different soccer boats and lots of bidets.

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