The Vila-seca OAC opens an office and will respond to a hundred procedures

The Vila-seca Citizen Assistance Office (OAC), one of the decentralizations of the administration planned for this legislature, began on December 30, 2019 with the deed of the sale of a ground floor on Calle de la Font.

And 16 months later it has officially opened its doors on Carrer de la Font, just 20 meters from the City Hall door. This is a municipal single window project that should reach its peak over the coming weeks and months. Today almost a dozen requests can be processed and the forecast is to reach a hundred procedures in a single space and improve the effectiveness of the efforts of Vilasecans. The OAC will not have offices in La Pineda or La Plana. Remote management is the next project.

PHOTO: Angel Ullate

Mayor Pere Segura and the councilor responsible for the area, Josep Toquero, wished to appear yesterday at the new headquarters and encourage the seven workers who have relocated to this diaphanous office of almost 200 square meters. It was a courtesy visit before the first users entered to carry out their procedures.

Until the OAC absorbs all its powers, there will still be procedures that must be requested at different floors of the City Council, but the objective is that little by little all the procedures are referred to this office and improve the reception of requests such as the management of themselves.

PHOTO: Angel Ullate

Mayor Pere Segura explained yesterday that “one of the administration’s obligations is to make it accessible and this office (inaugurated yesterday) is an example of that.” And in this accessibility, work is being done in Vila-seca so that in a second phase of the OAC the electronic headquarters can be carried out, allowing all options to the residents and seeking, as far as possible, the best efficiency of each procedure.

The purchase of the property in December 2019 required a series of works to be able to adapt the office to its function. The entry of 2020 and the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the initial plans to open this OAC much earlier.

PHOTO: Angel Ullate

Despite the setbacks, the works were contracted and design began for the opening, which was scheduled for the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. The municipal investment has exceeded 400,000 euros, which is the sum of the acquisition of the premises, the reforms and the purchase of furniture and other accessories.

With the OAC up and running, the next municipal service to be decentralized is Drets Socials, which will also have a unified headquarters to be able to attend to all requests.

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